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DynaLIFE Dx extends existing contract with TeleMED

DynaLIFEDx provides community laboratory services in the province of Alberta through its partnership with the Alberta Health Services (AHS), an agency of the Alberta government, and through TeleMED Vitel sign Data Management technology and services. DynaLIFEDx provides high quality, cost-effective services to its patients’ to assist in the diagnosis and monitoring of their health. Their laboratories employ the newest technologies to ensure that patients receive the best possible services. The use of medical diagnostic services for the collecting and management of medical data provided through TeleMED technology is imperative to the success of the delivery of its’ services. “There is no doubt that cardiac care has improved for patients in Alberta since our partnership with DynaLIFEDx began”, says Asa Lebel, President of TeleMED. “Our successes have not only delivered benefits to the patients of our partner, they have also improved care in Alberta.  We are pleased to be able to continue to work with such an innovative partner.” TeleMED, an ISO 13485:2003 certified software developer, has been a pioneer in the development and deployment of powerful but easy to use, cloud based solutions… Read more >

TeleMED Technology Delivers 450% Improvement in Early ID of Critical Cardiac Conditions

Announcement: Priority Escalation Tool In the recent past, we have spoken to you about or showed you our Priority Escalation Tool.  Therefore, we felt that it was appropriate to tell you, through the attached article, about the benefit that this technology is bringing to patients in parts of Alberta.  In that province, Alberta Health Services has mandated a standardized process for handling community laboratory patients that present with acute critical ECG interpretations.  The Priority Escalation Tool automates the identification of such interpretations before the patient even leaves the examination room so that urgent treatment can begin immediately.  Data shows that the deployment of this Tool has improved the identification of such cases by over 450%, thereby dramatically increasing the number of opportunities for improving patient outcomes through early intervention. We are proud that this Tool is a unique feature that is only available through TeleMED.  However, we are even more proud that, through the Priority Escalation Tool and other innovations, TeleMED technology helps our partners to deliver the highest level of care to their patients. Learn more with this downloadable… Read more >

TeleMED Improves Accessibility Through Cross-Browser Compatibility

TeleMED Diagnostic Management (TeleMED) is pleased to announce that its signature cloud-based ViTELflo application is now cross-browser compatible with the full suite of widely-used browsers, including Windows Internet Explorer 7+/Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.  As a result, Physicians and other key stakeholders can access the information they need, using any of these browsers, and be assured that the clinical data that they view is being displayed accurately, without distortion or error. TeleMED’s ViTELflo is a fully-scalable, cloud-based information platform for healthcare providers, designed for managing processes, content and cases/studies.   ViTELflo manages data from a variety of cardiopulmonary modalities including:  Resting ECG, Stress ECG, Holter monitoring, Loop/Event Monitor, Ambulatory Blood Pressure, Resting Blood Pressure, Spirometry and Electronic Weight Measurement.  It supports bi-directional communication with devices from most major manufacturers and with other clinical and business applications being used in your organization. By expanding the cross-browser compatibility of ViTELflo, TeleMED demonstrates its commitment to the experience of its users.  Stakeholders can make better decisions, more effectively and efficiently, because critical information is available to them, wherever they are,… Read more >

TeleMED and UofA Partner

TeleMED Partners with the University of Alberta for Hypertension in Seniors Trial Dr. Raj Padwal, of the University of Alberta, and his research team have selected TeleMED Diagnostic Management Inc. (TeleMED) as its Health Technology Partner in a study titled Telemonitoring and Protocolized Case Management for Hypertension in Seniors.  This study is funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the major federal agency for funding health research in Canada, and will be a randomized controlled trial to determine if telemonitoring is the optimal method for controlling blood pressure in Canadian seniors. According to study details, hypertension is highly prevalent in seniors with diabetes and substantially increases morbidity, mortality and health costs. However, treatment of hypertension in seniors with diabetes is a complex challenge.  The need for aggressive BP control in seniors with diabetes must be balanced against the very real risk of serious treatment-related complications.  Currently, office BP measurements are used to monitor the vast majority of Canadians with hypertension.  However, office measurements require patients to attend office appointments and represents a barrier for seniors with mobility or financial limitations. … Read more >

More Growth for Diagnostics for Doctors

More Growth for Diagnostics for Doctors: Spirometry Testing Up 100%, On-demand ECHO, Loop and Holter Monitoring Available Telemed Diagnostic Management Inc. (TeleMED) is pleased to announce that the volume of Spirometry tests that were performed and interpreted on its Diagnostics for Doctors platform in the month of July more than doubled the test volume in June. As well, ECHO diagnostic testing was recently introduced and has been received with great success.  This remarkable growth provides further evidence of the value that Diagnostics for Doctors delivers to Family Physicians and the user-friendly nature of Diagnostics for Doctors. The Diagnostics for Doctors platform empowers a Family Physician to perform an array of diagnostic tests on their patients in their office instead of sending their patients to another clinic or hospital for testing.  Tests take minutes to perform and the Physician can choose to interpret a test or send it electronically to a Specialist and receive an interpretation within 24 hours.  Patient’s benefit by being tested in a familiar and comfortable environment and by receiving the result of their tests in a timely… Read more >

DynaLIFEDx Extends Service With TeleMED: ECG Testing on Mobile Devices

In September of 2015, DynaLIFEDx (DynaLIFE) will be upgrading its Laboratory Home Collection Service by introducing an electronic Mobile ECG solution from Telemed Diagnostic Management Inc. (TeleMED).   The addition of 24 mobile devices allows DynaLIFE to deliver the same operation efficiency and high quality of care to those patients who are unable to leave their residence for an appointment as with their patient care center. Since 2007 DynaLIFE has been using the customizable software by TeleMED to process the diagnostic tests it has conducted at its patient care centres where the collection of ECG data had been paper based. Now, with tablets loaded with the TeleMED vital sign management solution, technicians are able to travel to patient homes and nursing homes to continue delivering ECG testing in the Northern Alberta region. The test results are automatically transmitted and stored by DynaLIFEs internal medical records application Sunquest LIS, where the system is fully complinace with all PIA regulation, and distributed to  the patient circle of care. The results are then electronically transferred to Netcare the Alberta-wide Electronic Health Record management system. TeleMED,… Read more >

Spirometry Test is Underutilized in Ontario

According to recent article by Reuters, 18.2% of the Ontario population have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and this number is rising. The article continues by stating that in 2014 in Ontario 11.4 per cent of people over the age of 35 have COPD, which is a 3.3 per cent increase over the 2011 figure. The appropriate use of spirometry test can be used to diagnose respiratory issues in their early stages when many may not even be aware they have a problem. If respiratory issues are detected early they can be treated the costly use of unnecessary inhalers and visits to the hospital can be prevented. Spirometry is a simple and cost effective test that can be used by doctors to test the function of the lungs and diagnose COPD. According to the Lung Association of Ontario, this underutilized test can be given to: those over 40 and smoke (or use to); those who cough regularly; those who experience shortness of breath or wheezing during mild exertion; those that get colds that last longer than others. Telemed Diagnostic Management… Read more >

Toronto Argonauts Football Club and TeleMED Partner

The 2015 Toronto Argonauts Football Club will be performing medical physicals at their upcoming training camp at York University on May 26th and 30th, 2015 to its high performance athletes. TeleMED Diagnostic Management Inc. (TeleMED) is proud to announce that the Toronto Argonauts Football Club will be utilizing the convenience and ease of their customized electronic vital sign diagnostic management solutions at these physicals. In preparation for their 2015 season, The Toronto Argonauts Football Club sought out a reliable electronic vital sign diagnostic management solution in which the results could be interpreted from the comfort of the doctor’s home. They found this in the cloud-based paperless solution from TeleMED.  With TeleMED’s solution, diagnostic tests are transmitted to its application and can be made available to the cardiologist for interpretation within minutes of recording at the facility. “I have relied on the convenience and ease of the TeleMED solution while performing physicals for many of Canada’s top athletes.  The convenience of the system allows me to interpret tests wherever I am. The TeleMED solution is easy to use, one that I… Read more >

Telemed Adds New Tests To Family Physician Diagnostic Platform

Due to the increased demand for the ability to offer more point of care medical diagnostic tests, by the growing number of doctor’s offices that have adopted TeleMED’s Diagnostic for Doctors data management technology solution, three new test modalities have been added to the popular point-of-care diagnostic platform; Spirometry for COPD and Asthma, Ambulatory Loop and Mobile ECHO. These additions are above the already existing tests they offer: ECG Holter (24/48/72) ECG Loop/Event Recorder Ambulatory Blood Pressure Home Sleep Testing Resting Blood Pressure Stress ECG Diagnostics for Doctors provides Family Physicians with an efficient, cost-effective and convenient alternative to the custom of referring patients to other clinics or hospitals for diagnostic testing. It offers Physicians a turnkey solution for testing, interpreting and managing a variety of non-invasive, vital-sign tests.  It is the right solution for you if you and your practice if you want to: Use technology to Improve Patient Quality of care and make your practice more productive and more profitable Build a robust business plan Leverage the size of your Physician Group’s patient roster Increase the output from… Read more >

Hospitex Selects TeleMED’s New Cardiology Clinic Solution

Following a lengthy evaluation, Hospitex Diagnostics (Hospitex), a Toronto-based cardiology and radiology services company, with over 30 clinics in Ontario and Quebec, has selected Telemed Diagnostic Management Inc. (TeleMED) to provide it with a unique and customized cardiovascular information system (CVIS) for its new clinic in Vaughan, Ontario, scheduled for opening in the Spring of 2015. Hospetix will be utilizing TeleMED’s Cardiovascular information solution to provide support to its cardiologists. TeleMED CVIS  allows the service provider to administer simplified and standardized workflow, reduce operational costs, access timely information and spend more time on patient care. TeleMED, an ISO 13485 software developer, provides each client with all the products and services necessary for quick and easy deployment, with minimal or no assistance required from the client’s IT resources. Additionally, it provides dedicated post-rollout services to support users 24/7 and to reduce the occurrence and impact of equipment downtime. Learn more about TeleMED’s Diagnostic data management capabilities by viewing a 3 minute video that details how simple and easy it is to improve your operations and your bottom line by partnering with… Read more >