Your medical diagnostic practice instantly connected

Manage your diagnostic data with the power and efficiency your operations need.

Your medical diagnostic practice instantly connected! 

Manage your diagnostic data with the power and efficiency your operations need.

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Medical Hardware Data
Made Accessible with ViTELflo

ViTELflo makes essential information instantly and securely available to stakeholders when they need it, wherever they are, from almost any device, using a standard browser and without the need to download a plugin or additional application.
Empower your physicians to access tests, make medical decisions and sign off on reports from outside their offices. Keep the processing cycle flowing. Effectively and efficiently serve your patients and their physicians, from anywhere and around the clock.
ViTELflo’s controlled access prevents entry by users who are not authorized and credentialed. No patient data is left on the device used for access.

Solutions for Clinics

Solutions for Labs

Cloud-based ViTELflo

Cardiologists practice medicine from numerous locations. They often work out of multiple clinics and hospitals. The need to be mobile is critical. Therefore, when dealing with the heart health of their patients, the need to quickly access diagnostic data is also critical.
That’s why they welcome the fact that ViTELflo is cloud-based. Cloud-based ViTELflo offers the following:


Access and review patient information from any web-enabled location, using any type of device with any leading browser.


All information is secure and protected, in accordance with HIPAA and other regulatory requirements. Information is regularly backed up and software is regularly updated.

Real Human Support

TeleMED provides direct support for end users. All Call Centre agents are full time TeleMED employees and support only TeleMED products.


TeleMED monitors up times around the clock to ensures reliable access to data

Local Hosting

TeleMED hosts your patient data in the jurisdiction where you practice.


As your business scales up, ViTELflo can easily and quickly be scaled up to meet your needs.

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The Support You Deserve

TeleMED offers a complete range of services to ensure that your solution and your users are fully supported:

Call Centre

Manned by agents who work exclusively for TeleMED. No third party agents are used. All TeleMED agents have worked in this capacity for 10+ years. The Call Centre usually provides first-line support for users. Options exist for providing second-tier support and options exist for providing round-the-clock support.

Network Engineering Program

Ensures continuous maintenance service to the network of servers that function in support of the TeleMED Cloud and to your specific solution. .

Customer Service Program

Available for all consultations by its clients on specific needs and to seek feedback from clients on the nature of their needs and to develop concepts for solutions to meet those needs. Close ties are maintained between the Customer Service Program and the Software Engineering Program.

Software Engineering Program

Provides a variety of essential services. Assistance for the Call Centre is provided where required. It manages and fulfills requests for software customizations. It works continuously on upgrading and updating TeleMED's proprietary software. It also develops and deploys integrations to other systems utilized by TeleMED clients.