TeleMED: The Leader in Medical Diagnostic Data Management Solutions

Canada-based TeleMED is a pioneer and leader in designing and engineering innovative solutions for the electronic management of non-invasive medical test data within a diagnostic environment.

For over 10 years, healthcare organizations plagued by mounting costs and inefficiencies in managing ECG and other diagnostic tests have turned to TeleMED for increased productivity, profits and customer satisfaction.

The backbone of TeleMED's technology is ViTELflo, a sophisticated, intuitive application that integrates process automation, document management and records management functionalities relating to a wide variety of non-invasive diagnostic tests.

TeleMED has developed and continues to develop ViTELflo specifically for the healthcare industry. At the same time, we concentrate on expanding our already extensive knowledge of the processes and challenges specific to the diagnostic testing sector, adding to the considerable value we offer through ViTELflo.




Is your organization drowning in paper and unable to find critical information?  Do you have little visibility into operations?  Here’s the solution for you.

Is your organization drowning in paper and unable to find critical information?
Do you have little visibility into operations?  Here’s the solution for you.

Solutions: End-to-End Customized Medical Data Management

Each TeleMED medical data management solution is an end-to-end application that enables all the capabilities required to complete the typical processing cycle:

  • Entry of patient demographic and booking data
  • Test acquisition
  • Transmission to remotely-located interpreting physician
  • Diagnosis
  • Distribution of test data and diagnosis to all appropriate stakeholders
  • Storage

TeleMED provides each client with all the products and services necessary for quick and easy deployment, with minimal or no assistance required from the client's IT resources. Additionally, it provides dedicated post-rollout services to support users 24/7 and to reduce the occurrence and impact of equipment downtime.

  • Digital, state-of-the-art recording devices
  • Computer hardware
  • Interpretive and management software
  • Hosting
  • Integration with client's existing information systems
  • Installation and training
  • Centralized software support
  • Local hardware repair and replacement services
  • Annual preventive maintenance service

Unlike other providers, TeleMED offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology customized for each client's specific requirements.