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Relieve clinicians from tedious administrative tasks so they can focus solely on patient care. Put all the essential data at their fingertips. Empower them to work more productively without compromising their standard of care. Give them the freedom to practice medicine from wherever they are, whenever they are available.

  • Faster access to the information you need – interpret tests anytime, from your office, the hospital, your home or elsewhere; one-click access to historical charts.
  • Unrivalled productivity – increase productivity up to 41% without changing the way you practice medicine; easy point and click technology; advanced navigation tools; customizable interpretation templates.
  • Retrieve the information you need, on demand – How can you provide the level of care your patient deserves if the document you require is sitting in a file cabinet, on a desk or in a locked medical records room?
  • Practice medicine from anywhere – Use the internet to access and interpret tests from wherever you are, whenever you are available.
  • Stop spending time on administrative chores – Let TeleMED manage your documents and your data so you can spend more time on your patients.
  • Speed up your invoicing and your reimbursement – Use ViTELfloto access and quickly compile all required information into an easy-to-read, easy-to-digest billing report. Reduce denied claims by capturing complete and accurate details of each service you rendered.