Medical Diagnostic Data Management Software for Clinical Research Facilities

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Paperwork and manual tasks taking up too much of your time? With TeleMED's ViTELflo software managing your documents and data, your staff can focus on patient care. It's the ultimate Clinical Research Facility productivity solution.

  • No more searching or waiting for information. The documents and clinical data you need are at your fingertips
  • Your clinicians will no longer spend their valuable time on administrative tasks
  • No more entering the same data into multiple information systems
  • Your decision makers will generate and share real-time reports to support timely business decisions

Expect measurable productivity improvements from TeleMED:

  • Savings of up to 14 minutes per test at your testing sites
  • Productivity increases of up to 41% for your Interpreting Physicians
  • Reduction of days in your processing cycle
  • Up to 38% more workload capacity without hiring more staff
  • Increased ability to detect, analyze and resolve operational problems