Refer your tests, not your patients

Refer your tests, not your patients

TeleMED presents Diagnostics for Doctors, the practical, productive and profitable alternative to referring your patients for ECG and other diagnostic testing.

A clean, easy approach to diagnostic testing

For one low monthly charge, we provide you with everything you need to get started, and to keep things running smoothly. No hassle for you, your staff or your patients.

  • The equipment you need for testing, installed by our Technicians
  • The training that you and your staff need
  • Electronic access, on demand, to your preferred Specialist, for test interpretation
  • 24/7 toll-free call centre support
  • 1 Day equipment repair/replacement
  • Linkage to your EMR (for most systems)


Diagnostics for Doctors is the right solution for you if you are a Family Physician and you want to:

  • Use technology to make your practice more productive and more profitable
  • Build a robust business plan
  • Leverage the size of your Physician Group's patient roster
  • Increase the output from your existing staff and your existing office space
  • Find an easier way to get test results into your EMR
  • Make diagnostic testing more convenient for your patients


Find out more on our "Diagnostics for Doctors" website


You can also watch this video to learn more.