Empower your institution with a solution that delivers financial savings and enhanced patient care.

We have solutions for all your departments. See how we work with:

  • Finance
    • Finance Department Solutions for Hospitals/Clinics

      Preserve your capital: It's not necessary to invest capital to receive the benefits that TeleMED offers. You only incur charges as your TeleMED system generates savings for you.

      Recapture lost revenue: Immediately increase your revenue by capturing every single claimable test

      Improve your revenue cycle: Reduce denied claims through accurate and complete capture of required information. Expedite invoicing by giving billing staff immediate access to all the information they need.

      Reduce human resource costs: Your staff will be more productive, enabling it to handle an increasing workload without the need for additional resources. Spend less money on recruiting and retaining clinicians. Provide them with an easy-to-use application that provides remote access to test data and increases their productivity without requiring them to change the way they practice medicine.

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  • Operations
    • Operations Department Solutions for Hospitals/Clinics

      Revitalize your workflow: The highest degree of task automation + point and click technology = end-to-end test processing without touching your keyboard.

      Reduce your risk and your liability: Your guidelines are standardized and ‘locked-in’ at each workstation to maximize adherence to best practices.

      Regain control over your operations: Detect, analyze and resolve problems with real-time activity, QA and productivity reporting capabilities.

      Minimize downtime, maximize revenues: Reduce the duration and impact of downtime with round-the-clock phone support and next-day onsite visits.

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  • Physicians
    • Physician Solutions for Hospitals/Clinics

      Retrieve the information you need, on demand: How can you provide the level of care your patient deserves if the document you require is sitting in a file cabinet, on a desk or in a locked medical records room?

      Practice medicine from anywhere: Use the internet to access and interpret tests from wherever you are, whenever you are available.

      Stop spending time on administrative chores: Let TeleMED manage your documents and your data so you can spend more time on your patients.

      Speed up your invoicing and your reimbursement: Use ViTELfloto access and quickly compile all required information into an easy-to-read, easy-to-digest billing report. Reduce denied claims by capturing complete and accurate details of each service you rendered.

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  • IT
    • Information Technology Department Solutions for Hospitals/Clinics

      Simplify your rollout: Quickly deploy the solution you want, the way you want it – customized, pre-configured, secure and hosted or migrated to your in-house network.

      Functionality you need, at the right price and at the right pace: TeleMED solutions can be implemented without capital outlay and incrementally, at the speed that suits you best.

      Preserve your human resources: TeleMED provides all the products and services necessary, with minimal or no assistance from your IT department.

      Future-proof your solution: Open-standard technology ensures easy integration with new applications that you adopt down the road.

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Medical Diagnostic Data Management Software for Hospitals and Clinics

Medical Diagnostic Data Management Software for
Hospitals and Clinics

See how we can help your Hospital or Clinic in these departments:

See how our data management software solutions can benefit your Hospital or Clinic:

More than ever, hospitals and clinics are under pressure to deliver better patient service, but with fewer resources. Therefore, they are compelled to find greater efficiencies and greater savings wherever they can. Empower your institution with the financial savings and enhanced patient care that a TeleMED solution can deliver.

  • Share test data with physicians wherever they are, inside or outside the hospital
  • Reduce the time necessary to triage and respond with appropriate treatment
  • Adopt an open-ended solution that fits your organization's existing digital strategy
  • Convert to a management system that provides better performance at a lower cost than the system you're presently using.