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Enjoy a medical data management solution that TeleMED integrates into your existing information systems. Benefit from reliability and security features that meet or exceed your regulatory and internal mandates. Take advantage of a variety of hosting options to suit your comfort level. Obtain all of these benefits with an outsourced model that doesn't tax your IT resources.

  • Security – encrypted data, role-based access controls, detailed event logs, flexible hosting solutions.
  • Reliability – a proven 10-plus year track record, 3,000-plus everyday users at 700-plus locations, one million-plus tests processed and stored each year.
  • Scalable/modular – solutions that can be rolled out incrementally, never to be outgrown by your organization.
  • Integration – easy interfacing with your existing information systems, engineered and deployed with minimal assistance from your resources.
  • Preservation of IT resources – all hardware, software, deployment, training, support and service comes from TeleMED.
  • Simplify your rollout – Quickly deploy the solution you want, the way you want it – customized, pre-configured, secure and hosted or migrated to your in-house network.
  • Functionality you need, at the right price and at the right pace – TeleMED solutions can be implemented without capital outlay and incrementally, at the speed that suits you best.
  • Preserve your human resources – TeleMED provides all the products and services necessary, with minimal or no assistance from your IT department.
  • Future-proof your solution – Open-standard technology ensures easy integration with new applications that you adopt down the road.