Medical Diagnostic Data Management Software for Mobile Testing organizations

Strengthen, Sustain and Minimize the Cost of Compliance

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TeleMED provides the right tools to manage patient information, allowing you to:

  • Build an internal control program that reflects best practices
  • Sustain that program within an automated, repeatable environment
  • Minimize the effort and cost you invest in compliance

Your TeleMED solution supports your approach to industry and regulatory requirements by empowering your organization to:

  • Reduce the human handling of documents
  • Securely capture, transmit and store data
  • Standardize adherence to your best practices
  • Limit and record access to confidential patient information
  • Maintain audit trails for each file
  • Stop worrying about losing a document before its retention period is up
  • Reduce preparation time and stress surrounding upcoming audits
  • Reduce the time needed to monitor compliance by your staff