Did you know?

You can strategically combine devices from multiple manufacturers to suit your financial or operational needs.


Manage data from multiple manufacturers in one database

DEVICEflo is a single-application, front-end interface that provides bi-directional compatibility between TeleMED's data management system and medical devices from a wide variety of manufacturers. With DEVICEflo, you can choose a device based purely on features and value. We are adding compatibility with more devices all the time.

Not only does DEVICEflo give you freedom of choice now, it preserves that freedom for the future. As your needs evolve and you want to change your devices, you can make that change without paying for a new interface or translator. Just continue to use your DEVICEflo interface.

Because DEVICEflo is bi-directional, it will work together with TeleMED's WORKflo software to give you the same business logic and the same workflow no matter what combination of devices you select. DEVICEflo gives you maximum control over the experience of your users.