Did you know?

TeleMED technology is used by over 3000 users to process over 1 million tests per year.


Presenting the “flo” suite of software

TeleMED's proprietary software delivers unmatched productivity, clinical quality and profitability to your diagnostic testing operations. Don't get left behind! Go with the “flo”!


Installed on your testing computer; it works with and enhances the value of your device's software to expand functionality, boost productivity, enhance security and reduce errors.


Provides a secure, cloud-based repository for sharing data. Enjoy highly robust workflows for interpreting test data, generating operational reports and reviewing clinical quality.

* part of ViTELflo

A module completely dedicated to bringing efficiency and traceability to quality review processes. Includes automated functionality for blind review of test data/interpretations and automated documentation of all reviews.

* part of ViTELflo

Quickly and easily create customized activity reports in real-time. Get the information you want, in the format you want, on demand.


Don't be tied down to one device manufacturer. DEVICEflo provides compatibility with devices from a wide variety of manufacturers and standardize the workflow from all of them. Manage data from a variety of manufacturers on one platform and database!


Reduce data entry errors by over 40%, accelerate your test processing and enable all your stakeholders to find the information they need from one source. SYSTEMflo links all your information systems into one, bi-directional communications loop.