Did you know?

ViTELflo automatically distributes test results to each "Copy To" Physician.


ViTELflo: Your Best Choice for Diagnostic Data Management

VITELFLO is TeleMED's proprietary application for sharing, managing and storing medical diagnostic test data in a secure cloud environment. ViTELflo delivers unmatched flexibility and efficiency to ensure that tracings are interpreted and results are delivered the way you want it and with the productivity that you want. And you can never outgrow ViTELflo because it offers complete scalability, easy integration and high performance.

Use the robust REPORTflo module to identify and resolve operational issues.

The QUALITYflo module supports efficient review and grading of tracings and interpretations.

Accounts, Passwords Access through individual user name and password
User Roles   Controlled use through 7 levels of privileges
Audit Trails   Read-only audit logs record every automated event or user-initiated action
Time-Out Configurable to log off users after specified period of inactivity
Storage All records are maintained throughout required retention period


Options for Entry 1. User-defined one-click template.
2. Confirm software-generated interpretation.
3. Supports voice-recognition software
4. Free text keystroking
Patient History Display, Serial Comparison   One-click access to previous test results. Serial comparison functionality.
Automated Report Assembly Reports are automatically assembled and presented on-screen exactly as they will appear on printed output.
Billing All invoicing information is at user's fingertips.


Retention Results are retained for any specified time frame.
Report Distribution Release results by user initiation or by automated protocols.
Print, Fax, E-mail, Electronic Routing Supports distribution by print, fax, e-mail or integrated HL7 compliant system.
Print Process Prints reports in batch or as they become available. For batch printing, output can be sorted by location, ordering physician or courier route stop.
Print Location For multi-clinic organizations -- print centrally, regionally or at testing location.
Report Format Generate report with user-defined content and format.


Report Production Pre-scheduled or on-the-fly report generation
Standard Reports Test count (by date range, by test site, by institution)
Customized Reports Mix and match over 50 fields of information.
Exception Reports Avoid review of “normal” incidents; focus only on the exceptions
Alerts Real-time alerts, client-defined, to designated recipients