Did you know?

WORKflo users can do all their data entry without touching a keyboard.

You can use Mobile WORKflo for home care and nursing home testing.

You can integrate your paper forms into your clinic’s processing.

WORKflo users can designate a test for special treatment or routing.


WORKflo: Cut up to 15 minutes processing time on each test

WORKflo communicates bi-directionally with your device's software to expand functionality, increase automation and enhance security. WORKflo also allows users at the testing site to transmit tests to remotely located stakeholders.

By guiding the user through a logical and efficient process, all the steps associated with testing, WORKflo increases productivity by up to 15 minutes on each test you take at your clinic. WORKflo is manufacturer-neutral and is completely customizable to the evolving needs of users. It's the right answer to the burden of inefficiency that drains staff time and erodes profit margins.

HL7 Orders Supports order processing via HL7 messages from interfaced systems
ID Card/Bar Code Scanning Easily integrates with ID Card or Bar Code scanning software
Persistent Clinical Information “Remembers” patient and booking information and carries it forward on new orders.
Intelligent Alerts Immediately alerts users when data entry business logic is violated
Test Filtering for Interpretation Filters out tests that are not to be interpreted and routes them directly for distribution


Forms Integration Accepts electronic versions of preferred forms
STAT Prioritization Automated notification to Interpreting Physician and prioritization on Work List
Pre-Transmission Quality Review Verification by Technician that test is acceptable for transmission to Interpreting Physician.


Automated Reading Physician Assignment Automated test assignment and routing to correct Reading Physician based on client-defined rules
Automated Printer/Fax Selection Automated test assignment and routing of interpreted test to correct printer or fax based on client-defined rules