Did you know?

Alberta Health Services (AHS) recently introduced a standardized process for handling Edmonton-area community laboratory patients that present with acute critical ECG interpretations. Learn more.


TeleMED Automates ECG Priority Escalation

TeleMED has recently developed an automated, standardized tool for identifying and prioritizing treatment for patients with ECG tracings that identify them as ‘high risk”. 

This feature:

  • Leverages the value of the interpretation algorithms used by modern ECG devices
  • Automates the identification of client-defined phrases contained in those interpretations
  • Automatically alerts the Test Collector when any client-defined phrase is detected
  • Is only available from TeleMED

When deployed at testing sites, this feature allows patient treatment to begin, at remote testing sites, before the patient’s test is sent to a remotely-located physician for interpretation and confirmation.

Learn more about how it is being used.