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Generate sample data, conduct blind review, document comments and store comments all in one application. No toggling required.


Automated, Blind Data and Peer Review

Welcome to QUALITYflo, TeleMED's toolbox that automates the quality management of your test data and interpretations. Now your quality review processes can be integrated into the electronic management of your diagnostic test processing. QUALITYflo provides easy-to-locate, demonstrable evidence of your organization's commitment to ongoing quality control. All of these actions take place in a secure cloud-based repository, eliminating the risk of security breaches.

QUALITYflo consists of two work flows – one for reviewing the quality of data acquired at testing sites and one for conducting peer review of interpretations. Each module features the following:

  • Randomized generation of Review Work List, according to client-defined criteria
  • Completely blind review by Reviewer
  • One-click documentation of Reviewer's grades and comments
  • Automated comparison of review results to peer average grades
  • Secure centralization and storage of review results

All of these activities take place in a cloud-based environment that controls the privacy and accessibility of your patient information.