Featured Partnership for ECG Management System Solutions

One of the largest laboratory networks in Canada, DynaLIFEDx, wanted to optimize efficiency in its ECG operations by standardizing its equipment and processes. It also wanted to solidify its positioning as a progressive healthcare provider organization that utilizes leading-edge technology. DynaLIFEDx chose Telemed Diagnostic Management Inc. to convert its processing from a paper-based to an electronic operation. TeleMED established a blueprint for, and implemented, an all-inclusive medical software solution for DynaLIFEDx that fit the organization's unique requirements.

Key ECG Management Challenges

  • Developing a solution that required little or no capital investment
  • Streamlining variances in ECG procedures into one standardized set of procedures
  • Replacing analog recording devices, of various age and types, with digital equipment
  • Integrating electronic ECG processing into DynaLIFEDx's overall digitization plans
  • Customizing a solution that adapts to DynaLIFEDx‘s existing culture and practices
  • Supporting and enabling change within a dynamic business environment

Why TeleMED's Medical Software was the Right Choice

  • TeleMED's extensive experience in providing solutions to Canadian laboratory networks
  • TeleMED technology automates manual processing tasks
  • TeleMED's willingness to leverage the electronic information systems already in place
  • TeleMED's willingness to customize its software for the unique needs of DynaLIFEDx
  • TeleMED's pricing model that requires no up-front capital investment
  • TeleMED's all-inclusive solution: equipment, training, service and support

ECG Management Solution Implementation

  • The Pilot Project was implemented at three testing sites and Base Lab
  • Feedback from all stakeholders identified desired customizations
  • Customizations were developed, tested and put into operation
  • DynaLIFEDx staff visited TeleMED Head Office, other TeleMED technology users
  • DynaLIFEDx conducted internal audit to validate business case for full rollout
  • TeleMED rolled out 90+ systems to 35+ sites within a six-month period

Benefits to DynaLIFEDx from ViTELflo, TeleMED's ECG Management Solution

  • DynaLIFEDx uses ViTELflo to manage 12,000+ new tests monthly
  • DynaLIFEDx obtained new equipment and services without capital investment
  • All billing transactions are captured on a single system
  • TeleMED's pay-per-test pricing model matches costs to revenues
  • DynaLIFEDx customers receive more responsive service
  • ViTELflo promotes staff/physician satisfaction and retention
  • DynaLIFEDx uses ViTELflo as a marketing tool to position itself as a progressive healthcare provider within and outside its traditional geographic region

Productivity Gains, Customer Approval

“Ordering Physicians noticed and commented positively on the reduction in turnaround time and on the improvement in the quality of the tracing.”
— Mary Anne Maitland, Manager, Specimen Management and Logistics

Financial Savings, Capital Preservation

“From the procurement standpoint, we did not have to go to a capital acquisition for new equipment and forgo the labour component of service.”
— Rene Boisvert, Project Manager

Staff and Physician Retention

“Staff can see, first hand, the progressive nature of the Company and the technology facilitated their buy in. We have not had much movement with our Readers but it certainly helps us retain them and allowed [us] to improve their quality of work-life. They can work at multiple locations, modifications were done for ease of use, and this solution offers them much flexibility for uptake and growth.”
— Rene Boisvert, Project Manager

Looking Ahead: Further Strengthening the DynaLIFEDx and TeleMED Partnership

DynaLIFEDx and TeleMED continue to identify ways to automate processes and ultimately reduce operating expenses. After initial system rollout, TeleMED implemented a second interface that delivers further productivity to the processing cycle by enabling ViTELflo to pull patient demographic and test booking information directly from theDynaLIFEDx MISYS application, without human assistance.

DynaLIFEDx and TeleMED continue to take a phased approach to the upgrade of the DynaLIFEDx diagnostic data management system. TeleMED upgraded some features in response to requests from DynaLIFEDx Reading Physicians, based on user review and feedback.