Did you know?

TeleMED technology features open architecture and is manufacturer-neutral.

Our engineering team can assist in integrating your TeleMED solution to proprietary systems.

Read an example of a complex customization project.


Maximize productivity and reduce errors through customization and integration.

TeleMED maximizes your productivity, reduces risk of error and reduces stress on your staff through workflow customization and integration of its application to your other information systems.

We will conduct onsite visits and conduct meetings with your key operational people to understand your current processing cycle, to identify options for reducing data entry errors and for automating manual tasks. In addition, we will look for opportunities to integrate your TeleMED technology with your other information systems to create a seamless, closed-loop information system that allows your stakeholders to look for all essential information in one, easily-accessible place.

After conducting these meetings, we will provide you with a clear and detailed plan for implementation.