Efficient ECG Report Distribution

If your organization is still printing ECG Reports, here are two simple changes you can make that will make your distribution process less costly but more productive.

When we speak to organizations like yours, we often find that they are printing blood work results centrally, usually at the location where the analysis was performed. This makes sense because the blood samples have been acquired at multiple testing locations but have been centralized for analysis. Yet, if the same organizations are providing ECG testing at multiple locations, they are often printing ECG reports at multiple locations. This practice is inefficient because it requires staff to manage printing and distribution at each printing location.

Closely linked to this issue is the fact that these organizations usually print the ECG results manually, during normal business hours. As a result, human resources are tied up during the printing process and printers are unavailable for other uses.

For organizations that follow these inefficient practices, we recommend two changes that produce powerful results but that are easy to implement: centralize and automate.

Reduce the number of printing locations to one central location or a very few regional locations. TeleMED technology makes it possible to route any interpreted test to a central or regional print server, no matter where the test was performed and no matter where the interpreting physician was located.

We also recommend using TeleMED technology to schedule and run an automated, batch printing of ECG results once, or several times, during the day. This procedure requires no oversight by staff. If the printer is used for a variety of purposes during the day, we often schedule printing to take place during non-business hours.

Although these changes are easy to implement, they will have a powerful impact on the efficiency of your ECG distribution processes and free your staff to use their time more strategically.