Improved Access to ECG Records

Improved Access to ECG Records as TeleMED Further Expands in Alberta

Through their combined efforts, TeleMED and Alberta Health Services deliver fully integrated medical diagnostic tests to thousands through Alberta Netcare –the name for all the projects related to the provincial Electronic Health Record. This ensures tests results and health records are now available to the more than 34,000 physicians, pharmacists and other health service providers who regularly access the Netcare Portal. Since these records are available to registered Alberta Netcare users at the point of care, health service providers can formulate and quickly implement evidence-based diagnostic and therapeutic decisions.

With the integration of its medical diagnostic collection and management technology with two of the largest medical laboratories in Alberta, TeleMED Diagnostic Management (TeleMED) is responsible for more than 350,000 ECG records, with tracings, being added annually to the Netcare Portal – Alberta’s healthcare network that connects all family physicians with hospitals to facilitate health information data sharing. This allows for the further expansion of the delivery of medical diagnostic testing and the collection and management of patients records and results in the province of Alberta.

TeleMED, an ISO 13485:2003 certified company, has been a pioneer in the development of powerful solutions for managing medical diagnostic test data.  It serves an array of verticals in the healthcare industry including community laboratories, family physician groups, specialty clinics, occupational testing organizations and paramedical service providers.