TeleMED now serves mental health service provider

Canadian Addiction Treatment Centres (CATC) is the largest independent addiction treatment provider in Canada.  Based in Ontario, it operates a network of over 70 treatment centres.  CATC’s Methadone Maintenance Therapy (MMT) program is one of the cornerstones of an all encompassing strategy to address opioid dependence, its consequences and its prevention.

CATC’s best practices approach includes using ECG testing as a means of monitoring patients who have started the MMT program or who have had changes in their medication dosage.   However, CATC does not have the in-house, specialized IT and administrative resources it requires to support and expand an ongoing ECG testing program.  In order to improve efficiency, turnaround time on reports and patient care, CATC requires a specialized, customized ECG solution that includes interfacing to its EMR application.

In order to achieve these objectives, CATC has turned to Telemed Diagnostic Management (TeleMED), a pioneer in supplying Canadian healthcare organizations with all-inclusive, integrated solutions for acquiring, interpreting, sharing and storing non-invasive diagnostic data.  TeleMED has entered into a multi-year agreement with CATC to provide the equipment, software and support services that CATC needs to upgrade, maintain and expand its ECG testing operations.

TeleMED will integrate CATC’s existing ECG devices into its solution.  In other cases, TeleMED  will provide devices to replace legacy devices.  The solution will automatically stream test data from CATC’s testing sites throughout Canada and will manage interpretation of and access to those tests from its cloud-based, vendor-neutral and proprietary application, ViTELflo.

Equally important is that TeleMED will provide CATC with a customized support program that includes expedited replacement and repair of equipment  as required and 24/7/365 Call Centre technical support for end-users.

For CATC, its partnership with TeleMED brings cost-effective sustainability of its ECG testing program and an ECG service that can be scaled upwards as CATC enlarges its operations across Canada.  For TeleMED,  this contract means expansion of its technology and services into treatment and rehabilitation, a vertical that it did not previously serve.

Telemed Diagnostic Management Inc., an ISO 13485:2003 certified company, has been a pioneer in the development of powerful solutions for managing non-invasive medical diagnostic data.  We serve an array of verticals in the healthcare industry including community diagnostic laboratories, specialty clinics, occupational testing organizations, family physician groups and paramedical service providers.  Our solutions feature advanced security safeguards, innovative quality management tools, business analytic capabilities, smart electronic forms and a high degree of interoperability and connectivity.