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ECG Data Solutions for All Stakeholders

A variety of departments provide input on the selection of an ECG management solution in most organizations. Each has a different set of needs and a different viewpoint on what is the “right” ECG management system. In order to satisfy a client, an ECG data solution provider must satisfy each department.… Read more >

ECG Results Distribution: 5 Questions

During the early days of electronic ECG management, much of the focus was on providing easy, secure, remote access for the physicians that were interpreting ECG tracings. In providing this access to Interpreting Physicians, cardiac testing organizations avoided the cost and inefficiencies associated with printing and delivering the ECG tracings to those Physicians, and in so doing, also elevated the standard of care given to their patients.… Read more >

Unlock More Value From Your ECG Data Solution

How do we get more value from our ECG solution? This is a question that our clients start asking about a year after they have implemented an electronic ECG management solution. During the 10+ years that we have been creating these solutions for organizations, we have found that there is an evolution in the manner that they leverage the value of their solutions.… Read more >

Customers Demand Electronic ECG Management

“Our customers are demanding it.” This is the “pocketbook” reason that two healthcare organizations recently gave us for wanting to purchase an electronic management solution for their ECG tests. Both of these organizations are using paper-based management of their ECG tests and both had, for the past few years, resisted conversion to electronic data management. But suddenly, both organizations have shown greater interest, and a sense of urgency, about making the change. Why? Both organizations gave the same explanation: “Our customers are demanding it.”… Read more >