ECG Data Solutions for All Stakeholders

Pleasing all the stakeholders

A variety of departments provide input on the selection of an ECG management solution in most organizations. Each has a different set of needs and a different viewpoint on what is the “right” ECG management system. In order to satisfy a client, an ECG data solution provider must satisfy each department.

Here are the questions that we often face from stakeholders representing these departments:


  1. How will we save money from the productivity gains you promise?
  2. What value-added services do you offer?
  3. What options do you offer for licensing?
  4. How will you help us grow our ECG business?
  5. What other modalities can we add to your solution? How much will it cost?
  6. What is our cost to convert to your solution from our current management system?


  1. How will your solution save us time and expedite our patient flow?
  2. How will your solution eliminate errors in processing ECG tests?
  3. Will we able to download patient demographics and orders from our existing systems?
  4. Can we use devices from multiple vendors? Do you standardize the workflow?
  5. What options are available for reporting ECG results?
  6. Will you customize the application’s workflow as needed?
  7. How quickly can we retrieve a test result when we need it?
  8. Do you have a solution for mobile ECG testing?


  1. Can we access ECG tracings from anywhere, with any computer?
  2. Can we use our hand held devices to read ECGs?
  3. Will we have access to previous ECGs and can we compare tracings serially?
  4. Can we adjust viewing and editing settings according to individual preference?
  5. How quickly can we work on your application?
  6. How do we export results from your application to our EMR?


  1. What platforms does your solution utilize?
  2. What hosting options are available?
  3. How can we interface your solution to our existing information systems?
  4. How will you store our data? How will you back it up? How long will you store it?
  5. How will you protect our data?
  6. Is your solution completely scalable?
  7. How much involvement do you need from our department to rollout your solution?
  8. How do we migrate data from your solution when our relationship ends?