Monthly Archives: April 2013

The 3 Cs of ECG Data Management

When we speak to organizations about the benefits that can be delivered by our ECG data management solutions, they initially focus on the 2 Ps: Productivity and Profitability. However, as discussion progress, they find that there are other, less obvious benefits that are available from more sophisticated ECG management systems – Care, Compliance & Control over Operations.… Read more >

What to Expect from ECG Data Management Systems

This is the most common question that we face when we speak to organizations about ECG data management systems. It is understandable to get this question from organizations that still use paper-based management systems. However, organizations that have made the conversion to electronic management also ask this question because they want to be sure that they are receiving all of the benefits that are available from electronic management.… Read more >

Sort Out Your ECG Printing Problems

For many of our clients who automatically print their ECG reports, we have also set up an automatic printing of the courier route and stop number on each report and have set up an automatic sorting of the reports according to the route and stop number.… Read more >

Real-Time ECG Quality Feedback

How does an offsite Cardiologist communicate that the quality of an ECG tracing is insufficient for interpretation and that the patient should be contacted for re-testing? And how does your organization document the identity of the testing site where the test was acquired and the identity of the Technician who performed the testing? … Read more >

Efficient ECG Report Distribution

If your organization is still printing ECG Reports, here are two simple changes you can make that will make your distribution process less costly but more productive. When we speak to organizations like yours, we often find that they are printing blood work results centrally, usually at the location where the analysis was performed.… Read more >