Sort Out Your ECG Printing Problems

Still printing and delivering ECG results? We recently wrote about the productivity savings that you can achieve by automating scheduling and printing those reports.

But if your organization is delivering those reports to a large number of primary care physicians, sorting those reports for delivery may be taking more time than the actual printing.

In an earlier article, we pointed out that centralizing and automating the printing of your ECG results saves a lot of work and a lot of time. However, you still have the same number of ECG reports to sort. But, if you use a sophisticated ECG management solution that is highly customizable, you can leverage that technology to automatically sort those reports.

For many of our clients who automatically print their ECG reports, we have also set up an automatic printing of the courier route and stop number on each report and have set up an automatic sorting of the reports according to the route and stop number. If they regularly deliver results to several physicians in the same building or office, we have added a secondary sorting based on the name of the recipient physician. By automating the printing and sorting process for them, we have increased their workload capacity, eliminated sorting errors and helped them to “deliver” an improved service to their patients.