Breaking through information silos for cardiology and radiology

TeleMED breaks through information silos for cardiology and radiology clinics

After years of investing in information technology, cardiology and radiology clinics are now generating higher volumes of diagnostic data than ever before.  Understandably, physicians who seek to deliver the best care possible, want easy access to all available data in order to make the best evidence-based diagnostic and treatment decisions.

However, the IT infrastructures at cardiology and radiology clinics are not built and implemented to streamline data sharing, even within a single clinic.  Because technology purchases have generally been made in isolation to one another, the typical clinic has numerous localized databases of information and numerous localized points of access to that information.

This data fragmentation means that the physician who wants to view a patient’s imaging and non-imaging diagnostic data in three systems will typically open three different viewers, log in three different times and retrieve data using three different queries.  Trying to view the complete digital picture of a patient’s health is a complex and time-consuming task.  In addition, much of the data can only be accessed from within the clinic or by way of a VPN connection.   Within the clinic, there are often delays in getting diagnostic data imported into and indexed within the clinic’s EMR because this work is being done manually.

Modern cardiology and radiology clinics require an enterprise approach that breaks through the silos of individual departments, converging all DICOM and non-DICOM information into a single, vendor-neutral archive (VNA) that is easily accessible from any location using a single login.

Telemed Diagnostic Management Inc. (TeleMED), in partnership with a number of leading imaging solution providers, and by leveraging its proprietary data management solution, ViTELflo, has developed a solution that meets all of these needs.  As a result, cardiology and radiology clinics can now have a cost-effective, flexible and customizable solution that offers capture, viewing, sharing and storage across the entire organization.

Implementation of TeleMED’s solution in a clinic results in significant work flow and productivity benefits.  By way of interfaces with the individual systems in the clinic, ViTELflo automatically collects medical data from multiple imaging and non-imaging departments and consolidates it into a master directory that is indexed in a standardized fashion.  ViTELflo itself becomes the unified viewer by which users can view all DICOM and non-DICOM patient information.  Authorized users throughout the enterprise access the complete digital picture of the patient’s health from a single point of access, using a single login.  In addition, because ViTELflo is a web-based solution that is accessible by all major browsers, the users are assured of secure, controlled access from any web-connected computer and at any time.  Furthermore, because ViTELflo is highly interoperable, it can deliver results from all systems to the enterprise EMR through a single pipeline.

ViTELflo also offers automated work flow for viewing, comparing,  interpreting many non-imaging modalities, such as Resting ECG, Holter, Loop, Ambulatory Blood Pressure and Stress ECG.   As a result, ViTELflo can replace one or more systems that are used for these purposes.

As Asa Lebel, the President of TeleMED, states, “When you look at the advanced automation, the interoperability and the easy access of ViTELflo and combine these advantages with TeleMED’s in-house integration expertise, you see that there is a practical, powerful solution to the problems that cardiology and radiology clinics often experience.  Our TeleMED solution converts the inefficient, restrictive infrastructure found in today’s imaging clinic into a connected, sharing, productive  healthcare eco-system.  This transformation empowers a clinic to deliver enhanced patient care and to improve profitability.”

Telemed Diagnostic Management Inc., an ISO 13485:2003 certified company, has been a pioneer in the development of powerful solutions for managing non-invasive medical diagnostic data.  We serve an array of verticals in the healthcare industry including community diagnostic laboratories, specialty clinics, occupational testing organizations, family physician groups and paramedical service providers.  Our solutions feature advanced security safeguards, innovative quality management tools, business analytic capabilities, smart electronic forms and a high degree of interoperability and connectivity.