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Breaking through information silos for cardiology and radiology

After years of investing in information technology, cardiology and radiology clinics are now generating higher volumes of diagnostic data than ever before.  Understandably, physicians who seek to deliver the best care possible, want easy access to all available data in order to make the best evidence-based diagnostic and treatment decisions.… Read more >

Sonic Healthcare – managing cardiology diagnostic data

Sonic Healthcare is a global healthcare company with a reputation for excellence in laboratory medicine/pathology, radiology/diagnostic imaging and primary care medical services.  Headquartered in Australia, Sonic has grown to become one of the world’s leading healthcare providers with operations in Australia, the USA, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand.… Read more >

Remote hypertension management study

Alberta Innovates, through its Accelerating Innovations into CarE program (AICE), has accepted the funding application made by the University of Alberta and partners that include Telemed Diagnostic Management Inc. (TeleMED). AIberta Innovates (AI) is an Alberta-funded Corporation tasked with delivering on the research and innovation priorities of the Government of Alberta.  It focuses on the full research and innovation continuum, taking ideas from the lab to the marketplace.… Read more >

Improved Access to ECG Records

Through their combined efforts, TeleMED and Alberta Health Services deliver fully integrated medical diagnostic tests to thousands through Alberta Netcare –the name for all the projects related to the provincial Electronic Health Record. This ensures tests results and health records are now available to the more than 34,000 physicians, pharmacists and other health service providers who regularly access the Netcare Portal. Since these records are available to registered Alberta Netcare users at the point of care, health service providers can formulate and quickly implement evidence-based diagnostic and therapeutic decisions.… Read more >

Integrated Auto-Faxing Solution

In 2015, when Vitalim Diagnostic Imaging (Vitalim) opened a state-of-the-art cardiac testing and diagnostic imaging practice just north of Toronto, it engaged Telemed Diagnostic Management Inc. (TeleMED) to design and deploy crucial healthcare technology infrastructure.  As part of that infrastructure, TeleMED’s proprietary ViTELflo application acts as a hub, providing a secure, cloud-based platform for centralization of test data from a variety of modalities and for test interpretation.  ViTELflo also automatically transmits those test results to Vitalim’s EMR.… Read more >

TeleMED Technology Delivers 450% Improvement in Early ID of Critical Cardiac Conditions

In the recent past, we have spoken to you about or showed you our Priority Escalation Tool.  Therefore, we felt that it was appropriate to tell you, through the attached article, about the benefit that this technology is bringing to patients in parts of Alberta.  In that province, Alberta Health Services has mandated a standardized process for handling community laboratory patients that present with acute critical ECG interpretations.  The Priority Escalation Tool automates the identification of such interpretations before the patient even leaves the examination room so that urgent treatment can begin immediately.  Data shows that the deployment of this Tool has improved the identification of such cases by over 450%, thereby dramatically increasing the number of opportunities for improving patient outcomes through early intervention.… Read more >

7 Ways To Growing Your Physician Business With Diagnostics For Doctors

Running a successful business is very much about resourcefulness; a physician clinic is no different. You have to seek out ways to make the best of your resources while at the same time, adding value to your clientele so that they will seek out your business or clinic versus another. Through the utilization of Diagnostic for Doctors, brought to you by TeleMED Diagnostic Management Inc. (TeleMED), physicians receive an efficient, cost-effective and convenient alternative to the current practice of referring patients to Medical Laboratory clinics or hospitals for diagnostic testing. … Read more >

More Growth for Diagnostics for Doctors

Telemed Diagnostic Management Inc. (TeleMED) is pleased to announce that the volume of Spirometry tests that were performed and interpreted on its Diagnostics for Doctors platform in the month of July more than doubled the test volume in June. As well, ECHO diagnostic testing was recently introduced and has been received with great success.  This remarkable growth provides further evidence of the value that Diagnostics for Doctors delivers to Family Physicians and the user-friendly nature of Diagnostics for Doctors.… Read more >

Spirometry Test is Underutilized in Ontario

According to recent article by Reuters, 18.2% of the Ontario population have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and this number is rising. The article continues by stating that in 2014 in Ontario 11.4 per cent of people over the age of 35 have COPD, which is a 3.3 per cent increase over the 2011 figure. The appropriate use of spirometry test can be used to diagnose respiratory issues in their early stages when many may not even be aware they have a problem. If respiratory issues are detected early they can be treated the costly use of unnecessary inhalers and visits to the hospital can be prevented.… Read more >

Diagnostic for Doctors Empowers Clinic-based Physicians

Diagnostics for Doctors is a new platform offered by Telemed Diagnostics Management Inc. (TeleMED) that empowers physicians to perform diagnostic testing in office and control the quality of tests patients receive. In turn, doctors can monitor the well-being of patients and ensure that they receive the quality of care that facilitates their speedy diagnosis and loyal return while generating additional revenue.… Read more >