TeleMED Technology Delivers 450% Improvement in Early ID of Critical Cardiac Conditions

Announcement: Priority Escalation Tool

In the recent past, we have spoken to you about or showed you our Priority Escalation Tool.  Therefore, we felt that it was appropriate to tell you, through the attached article, about the benefit that this technology is bringing to patients in parts of Alberta.  In that province, Alberta Health Services has mandated a standardized process for handling community laboratory patients that present with acute critical ECG interpretations.  The Priority Escalation Tool automates the identification of such interpretations before the patient even leaves the examination room so that urgent treatment can begin immediately.  Data shows that the deployment of this Tool has improved the identification of such cases by over 450%, thereby dramatically increasing the number of opportunities for improving patient outcomes through early intervention.

We are proud that this Tool is a unique feature that is only available through TeleMED.  However, we are even more proud that, through the Priority Escalation Tool and other innovations, TeleMED technology helps our partners to deliver the highest level of care to their patients.

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