DynaLIFE Dx extends existing contract with TeleMED

DynaLIFEDx provides community laboratory services in the province of Alberta through its partnership with the Alberta Health Services (AHS), an agency of the Alberta government, and through TeleMED Vitel sign Data Management technology and services.

DynaLIFEDx provides high quality, cost-effective services to its patients’ to assist in the diagnosis and monitoring of their health. Their laboratories employ the newest technologies to ensure that patients receive the best possible services. The use of medical diagnostic services for the collecting and management of medical data provided through TeleMED technology is imperative to the success of the delivery of its’ services.

“There is no doubt that cardiac care has improved for patients in Alberta since our partnership with DynaLIFEDx began”, says Asa Lebel, President of TeleMED. “Our successes have not only delivered benefits to the patients of our partner, they have also improved care in Alberta.  We are pleased to be able to continue to work with such an innovative partner.”

TeleMED, an ISO 13485:2003 certified software developer, has been a pioneer in the development and deployment of powerful but easy to use, cloud based solutions for the management of non-invasive medical test data within a diagnostic environment. The success of these solutions has led to increased productivity, profits and satisfaction for thousands of users, at locations throughout Canada.