Integrated Auto-Faxing Solution


In 2015, when Vitalim Diagnostic Imaging (Vitalim) opened a state-of-the-art cardiac testing and diagnostic imaging practice just north of Toronto, it engaged Telemed Diagnostic Management Inc. (TeleMED) to design and deploy crucial healthcare technology infrastructure.  As part of that infrastructure, TeleMED’s proprietary ViTELflo application acts as a hub, providing a secure, cloud-based platform for centralization of test data from a variety of modalities and for test interpretation.  ViTELflo also automatically transmits those test results to Vitalim’s EMR.

Earlier this month, TeleMED enhanced the importance of ViTELflo to daily operations by incorporating  auto-fax information transmission capabilities.  With the addition of this functionality, Vitalim has converted from hand and mail delivery of test results to auto-faxing test results to its Referring Physicians.

The introduction of automated results faxing brings Vitalim one step closer to running a completely paperless diagnostic service and is already delivering value in numerous ways:

  1. It eliminates costs related to paper and other associated printing costs.
  1. It improves operational efficiency and eliminates the human intervention required for post-printing handling of hard copy results, including sorting, addressing and delivery.
  1. It manages the risk associated with delivery of results by automatically logging successful deliveries and providing exception reports on unsuccessful fax attempts.
  1. It significantly improves turnaround for Referring Physicians who have been accustomed to waiting for hand delivered results. Now they can receive a test result within minutes after the test has been interpreted.
  1. Vitalim is able to take advantage of high-volume production faxing without making any investment in hardware, software or IT services. Its automated faxing solution is included and integrated with the enterprise solution that TeleMED has provided, plus TeleMED provides any required maintenance in the course of providing support services for the entire solution that it has provided.
  1. TeleMED’s automated faxing solution is completely scalable. It can grow as Vitalim’s test volumes grow and can easily accommodate delivery of results from test modalities that Vitalim adds in the future.

Although Vitalim is running a specialized cardiology and imaging practice, the benefits of automated faxing can be equally enjoyed by any healthcare provider that conducts a large-scale diagnostic testing operation.  This includes multi-site diagnostic laboratory networks, hospital outpatient clinics and specialty clinics of all kinds.

“For a number of years, TeleMED has designed and deployed high-value communication solutions such as bi-directional system-to-system interfaces, system-to-system synchronizations and system-to-printer information routing”, says TeleMED’s President, Asa Lebel.  “We are pleased that we can now offer an easily deployable automated faxing solution that delivers improved security, cost reductions and greater efficiencies.  We expect that our clients will be eager to make automated faxing an integral part of their business communications strategy.”

Telemed Diagnostic Management Inc. (TeleMED), an ISO 13485:2003 certified company, has been a pioneer in the development of powerful solutions for managing medical diagnostic test data.  We serve an array of verticals in the healthcare industry including community laboratories, family physician groups, specialty clinics, occupational testing organizations and paramedical service providers.  Our solutions feature advanced security safeguards, innovative quality management tools, robust analytic capabilities, smart electronic forms and a high degree of interoperability and connectivity.  TeleMED continues its industry leadership by focusing on two key requirements:  the need for multi-modality, multi-manufacturer data management using one unified workflow; and the need for anytime, anywhere access to all essential patient data through a single point of access.