TeleMED Improves Accessibility Through Cross-Browser Compatibility

TeleMED Diagnostic Management (TeleMED) is pleased to announce that its signature cloud-based ViTELflo application is now cross-browser compatible with the full suite of widely-used browsers, including Windows Internet Explorer 7+/Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.  As a result, Physicians and other key stakeholders can access the information they need, using any of these browsers, and be assured that the clinical data that they view is being displayed accurately, without distortion or error.

TeleMED’s ViTELflo is a fully-scalable, cloud-based information platform for healthcare providers, designed for managing processes, content and cases/studies.   ViTELflo manages data from a variety of cardiopulmonary modalities including:  Resting ECG, Stress ECG, Holter monitoring, Loop/Event Monitor, Ambulatory Blood Pressure, Resting Blood Pressure, Spirometry and Electronic Weight Measurement.  It supports bi-directional communication with devices from most major manufacturers and with other clinical and business applications being used in your organization.

By expanding the cross-browser compatibility of ViTELflo, TeleMED demonstrates its commitment to the experience of its users.  Stakeholders can make better decisions, more effectively and efficiently, because critical information is available to them, wherever they are, from almost any device or application.

Streamlined access to content is only one feature of ViTELflo.  Click to learn more about ViTELflo’s features and benefits.

TeleMED, an ISO 13485:2003 certified company, has been a pioneer in the development of powerful solutions for managing medical diagnostic test data.  It serves an array of verticals in the healthcare industry including community laboratories, family physician groups, specialty clinics, occupational testing organizations and paramedical service providers.

For more information on how you can get the power of ViTELflo working for your business, contact TeleMED today.