7 Ways To Growing Your Physician Business With Diagnostics For Doctors

Running a successful business is very much about resourcefulness; a physician clinic is no different. You have to seek out ways to make the best of your resources while at the same time, adding value to your clientele so that they will seek out your business or clinic versus another.

Through the utilization of Diagnostic for Doctors, brought to you by TeleMED Diagnostic Management Inc. (TeleMED), physicians receive an efficient, cost-effective and convenient alternative to the current practice of referring patients to Medical Laboratory clinics or hospitals for diagnostic testing.  All of the steps needed to get your patients tested have now been reduced to a more streamlined and effective process that keeps the testing in the comfort of your office. The adoption of Diagnostic for Doctors leads to 7 ways to growing your physician business:

  1. Utilize Current Administrative ResourcesOffering diagnostic testing in your office uses your current staff and office space; it does not require any additional resources. TeleMED supplies you with the needed equipment and trains your qualified technicians to perform the testing in the comfort of your office.
  1. Eliminating the Need for Pre Schedule of Tests and Wait timesRather than booking an appointment with a specialist based on referral, wait times for patients to receive testing are eliminated.  By doctors offering the diagnostic service in their office there is no need to book an appointment with a specialist or wait for the test to be performed while the patient’s illness potentially progresses.
  1. Eliminating Delays of ServiceBy having the patient receive immediate testing, doctors are eliminating delays in treatment and service to the patient. This leads to faster and better treatment resulting in happier and more satisfied patients.
  1. Receiving Immediate Test ResultsSince doctors are performing the diagnostic testing in their office, the test is sent electronically to a specialist for review and results are received within 48 hours.
  1. Validating Quality of TestsThere is nothing more frustrating for a patient and a doctor than having a diagnostic test being performed improperly. The patient and the doctor’s time are used ineffectively by having to repeat the testing process. Diagnostic for Doctors eliminates the need for repeat tests and allows the technician to validate the quality of the initial test while it is being delivered.
  1. Improve Patient Satisfaction LevelsBy eliminating wait times, delivering results to patients sooner and ensuring they receive immediate treatment, patients are happier with the service they receive. Thus, their satisfaction levels are increased.
  1. Generate New Revenues without Increasing ExpensesOffering in- office diagnostic testing allows the doctor to generate additional revenue while not having to increase their expenses. No new equipment, training or staff is required. Physicians receive extra income without putting additional strain on their resources.

Not referring patients to external specialists and keeping the performing of diagnostic testing in-house can increase the quality of services and lead to business growth. Click to learn more about the Diagnostic for Doctors solution offered by TeleMED and how to get started with it today.