Diagnostic for Doctors Empowers Clinic-based Physicians

Diagnostics for Doctors is a new platform offered by Telemed Diagnostics Management Inc. (TeleMED) that empowers physicians to perform diagnostic testing in office and control the quality of tests patients receive. In turn, doctors can monitor the well-being of patients and ensure that they receive the quality of care that facilitates their speedy diagnosis and loyal return while generating additional revenue.

TeleMED, an ISO 13485:2003 certified software developer, has been a pioneer in the development and deployment of powerful but easy to use, cloud based, paperless solutions for the management of non-invasive medical test data within a diagnostic environment. The success of these solutions has led to increased productivity, profits and customer satisfaction for over 3,000 users, at over 700 locations across Canada. To bring this cost effective and convenient solution to physicians, TeleMED has designed Diagnostics for Doctors, focused specifically on the unique needs of clinic-based physicians. Using Diagnostics for Doctors, staff can now administer Holter, Loop, AMBP, Spirometery and on demand ECHO tests by a qualified Sonographer, in a setting that is familiar and comfortable to their patients empowering doctors to deliver validated quality services within their practice and generate additional revenue.

Diagnostics for Doctors responds to the growing capability of Family Physicians to provide enhanced diagnostic testing from their premises. Physicians can now offer their patients the convenience of office diagnostic services, using the same technology that has been used in traditional community testing environments.

Combining TeleMED technology with your practice allows you to:

  1. Eliminate Wait times
  2. Eliminate Delays of Service
  3. Receive Immediate Test Results
  4. Validate Quality of Tests
  5. Eliminate Repeat Tests
  6. Eliminate the Need for Pre Schedule of Tests
  7. Improve Access to Medical Diagnostics Tests
  8. Generate New Revenues Without Increasing Expenses

TeleMED’s turnkey solution includes setup, training, 24/7 technical support and access to the expertise of Specialists on demand.  No capital investment is required from physicians and they pay for services as they use them, on a monthly subscription or on a per-test basis.  No long-term commitment is required and physicians can opt out of the program with little notice and with no financial penalty.  As a result of its “low cost, low risk” appeal, Diagnostics for Doctors is proving to be a program that allows physicians to improve the health of their practices while they are improving the health of their patients.

Realizing that staff in physicians’ clinics lack the testing experience of hospital nurses and medical practitioners, TeleMED provides a highly automated, highly intuitive workflow that allows them to enter demographics and acquire a test with just a few simple clicks.  A complete suite of non-invasive diagnostic tests can be managed on one integrated, cloud-based platform.  Physicians can elect, on a test-by-test basis whether to interpret tests themselves or to refer them electronically to their selected Specialists for interpretation.  Tests that are referred to Specialists are generally interpreted and returned electronically to physicians within a 24-hour period.

“The time is right for Diagnostics for Doctors”, says AsaLebel, TeleMED’s President.  “The growing cost of healthcare has created a demand for delivering high quality services in point of care and near-patient settings wherever possible.  Diagnostics for Doctors has made it possible for physicians to access advanced technology at a very affordable cost and obtain the results within 24 hours.  Testing is done in an environment that is familiar, accessible and convenient for patients.  Both physicians and patients benefit from the reduction in follow-up paperwork, calls and visits.”

TeleMED offers an innovative technology for modernizing the doctor’s office. By utilizing their solution, physicians are able to validate the test performed on patients at the office and improve access to diagnostic tests to patients with mobility issues. The performing of diagnostic tests in house leads to the generation of a new source of revenue for physicians to supplement overhead costs on office and human resource expenses.

To learn more about the program, complete the Diagnostic for Doctors form to be contacted by a member of the TeleMED team.