ECG Data Services: Do you need them?

Do you need data management services to support your ECG management technology?

ECG management does a great job of standardizing work flow and automating data entry. However, there will always be unusual situations that require some corrective action relating to your data. The busier your ECG operations, the more often these situations will occur, and when they do occur they require timely intervention.

Our clients have found that it is in their best interest to purchase data management services to deal with these issues. Here are typical requests for assistance that we get:

Data Editing

  1. “I entered some information about the patient incorrectly. I need to have the information edited in the system.”

Test Re-Routing

  1. “I just sent a test to Cardiologist X to interpret. I just noticed that the patient is only 10 years old and I need to re-route that test to our Pediatric Cardiologist before Cardiologist X interprets it.”
  2. “I just sent a test to Cardiologist Y for interpretation, but the Referring Physician did not want the test interpreted by us. She wanted to interpret it herself. I need to take that test off Cardiologist Y’s list before he interprets it.”

User Account Management

  1. “We need to set up user accounts for a new staff member that starts today.”
  2. “I forgot my password. Can you help me?”

Delete Test

  1. “I took 2 ECG tests on the same patient because I didn’t like the quality of the first tracing. I accidentally sent both of them for interpretation. Can you delete the first one before it gets interpreted?”

Print Queue

  1. “The ECG system shows that ECG numbers 123456 to 135222 were automatically printed, as scheduled, at 6am this morning. However, the printer ran out of paper. Can you put the tests back into the print queue and force them to print off right away?”

All of these situations are out of the ordinary, but that’s exactly why they have to be resolved right away. When purchasing an ECG management system, you need to decide whether you want to have your own people resolve the problems or whether you prefer to outsource this responsibility to your solution provider. If you want your provider to handle these tasks, then you must satisfy yourself that your provider has the infrastructure and the willingness to act responsively.