Unlock More Value From Your ECG Data Solution

How do we get more value from our ECG solution? This is a question that our clients start asking about a year after they have implemented an electronic ECG management solution. During the 10+ years that we have been creating these solutions for organizations, we have found that there is an evolution in the manner that they leverage the value of their solutions.

Stage 1 – ECG Workflow Automation

When an organization implements an ECG solution, the focus is initially on automating the tasks related to acquiring and interpreting tests. Results usually exceed expectations. Productivity soars, costs are reduced and profitability grows.

Stage 2 – ECG Workflow Customization

Once an organization has become accustomed to the transformational effect of converting to electronic management, it makes and accepts suggestions on customizations that will incorporate best practices or make workflow more user-friendly. Typical customizations include:

  • Creating distinct workflows for tests that are designated for interpretation and those tests that are to go back to Referring Physicians for interpretation
  • Integrating paper documents (e.g. – questionnaire) into electronic workflow
  • Increasing interactivity by adding dialogue boxes with tips or questions

Stage 3 – Integrated ECG Data Flow

At some point, a typical client will become open to the enormous benefits available by creating a bi-directional flow of information between its cardiac test management system and other systems it already employs (e.g. – EMR, LIS, booking systems, printing systems).

Stage 4 – Unlocking More Value

TeleMED is continually collaborating with our clients to unlock more value from their investment in our ECG data management solutions. We are committed to developing and implementing ideas that will deliver even better service to their patients, wring even more efficiency out of their workflows or capture even more revenue and profit. Current projects include:

  • Introducing automated ECG quality review
  • Adding mobile ECG testing to in-clinic capabilities
  • Adding other test modalities to clients’ ECG testing platform
  • Adding functionality for tracking ECG-related costs