Finding the sweet spot!

Will Diagnostics for Doctors find the sweet spot?

Recently, TeleMED launched Diagnostics for Doctors, a new service initiative that responds to the growing capability of Family Physicians to provide enhanced diagnostic testing from their premises.

Today’s environment of constrained resources encourages Family Physicians to aggregate into larger practice groups with larger patient rosters.  At the same time, an aging patient population is demanding that care be delivered in environments that are more comfortable than the traditional hospital and diagnostic testing sites.

Diagnostics for Doctors targets that sweet spot where these trends intersect.  Physicians can now offer their patients the convenience of office diagnostic services, using the same technology that has been used in traditional community testing environments.  Our turnkey solution includes setup, training, 24/7 technical support and access to the expertise of Specialists on demand.

Our message to Family Physicians is simple:  “Refer Your Tests, Not Your Patients.”