TeleMED Plans to Expand Services

TeleMED Plans to Expand Services as Finance Minister Urges Reduction in Provincial Healthcare Spending Across Canada

As Finance Minister Jim Flaherty urges provinces to reign in healthcare spending, Canada-based Telemed Medical Diagnostic Management Inc. (TeleMED) is expanding its time and money saving electronic medical data management services across the country.

In the wake of its recent 10-year anniversary providing medical diagnostic data management technology for the healthcare industry, TeleMED plans to expand its efforts to help healthcare providers across Canada increase productivity, optimize workforce capabilities and reduce costs.

“Provinces are going to have to look at their budgets and figure out ways of providing healthcare services without rampant growth,” Flaherty told New Brunswick’s Telegraph Journal in July in response to Canada’s rising healthcare spending despite the country’s slow economy. Quebec Premier Jean Charest responded to Flaherty’s statements adding that health care costs are rising across the country 5% to 6% each year, and these costs will continue to grow with Canada’s aging population.

TeleMED has recently expanded the suite of tests that can be managed using their ViTELflo platform, to include resting blood pressure, stress ECG and spirometry. It is also branching out beyond its traditional base of privately-operated, community medical laboratories to serve publicly-operated laboratories, hospitals and clinical research organizations. The company’s recent milestone and plans to expand come at a time when Canada’s overburdened healthcare industry needs it most.

“More than ever, healthcare providers are being asked to accomplish more with fewer resources,” says Asa Lebel, President and CEO of TeleMED. “These organizations need the improvements in productivity, profitability and patient care that technologically-advanced, automated solutions can deliver. That’s why, with 10 years of steady growth behind us, we see ourselves as well prepared for the upcoming decade.”

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