DYNALIFE Renews its Confidence in TeleMED


Telemed Diagnostic Management Inc. (TeleMED) is pleased to announce that DynaLIFEDx (DynaLIFE) has renewed its ECG service agreement with TeleMED’s Alberta subsidiary.

Under the new agreement, TeleMED will continue to provide infrastructure services for DynaLIFE’s ECG services in its Patient Care Centres, as it has for more than seven years.  In addition, the contract anticipates that TeleMED will expand its services to include infrastructure support for DynaLIFE’s mobile testing services.

This contract was renewed due to TeleMED’s proven results in maintaining and enhancing DynaLIFE’s ECG services through continuous improvements in productivity and excellence in the delivery of support services.

Over the years, TeleMED’s experts have worked in close collaboration with DynaLIFE staff to ensure that TeleMED’s solution evolved as DynaLIFE’s needs became more complex.  During the past year, for instance, TeleMED collaborated with Alberta Health Services to enable delivery of DynaLIFE’s ECG test results into Netcare, Alberta’s confidential electronic system of patient health information.  Other customizations included the introduction of automated Peer Review of ECG interpretations.

Asa Lebel, President of TeleMED, said, “This contract renewal is an excellent example of our success as a long term trusted partner.  Our record of collaboration and innovation assures DynaLIFE that it can rely on TeleMED’s support in growing its ECG services and protecting its patients’ ECG data.