ECG Management: Making the Connection

It is common for an ECG testing organization to confront the issue of incompatibility between its preferred ECG device and its preferred ECG data management software:

  1. The preferred ECG management system does not support the preferred ECG device.
  2. The manufacturer of the preferred device does not offer an ECG data management system.
  3. The organization is using ECG devices from a variety of manufacturers and there is no data management system that supports all of them.

These issues are often resolved turning to a Format Translator. The Translator converts the ECG data from the format of the ECG device to the format of the ECG data management system. This solution allows flexibility in selecting the best devices and management systems for an organization. However, there are limitations to this solution:

  1. The Translator translates a single language to a single language. Therefore, an organization using devices from multiple manufacturers may have to purchase a unique type of Translator for each brand of device.
  2. The Translator is unidirectional. The Translator accepts commands from the ECG device but cannot issue its own commands back to the ECG device. Therefore, the work flow for acquiring ECG tracings is completely governed by the software of the ECG device.

TeleMED’s Bi-directional Multi-device Interface (BMI) is a single-application interface that provides bi-directional compatibility between TeleMED’s ECG data management system and ECG devices from a wide variety of manufacturers. Like a Translator, the BMI allows an organization to select an ECG device without regard to compatibility issues. However, the BMI offers additional value:

  1. An organization can purchase one BMI and utilize it for multiple brands of ECG devices.
  2. An organization can regularly change the brand of device it uses without incurring a cost for a new interface each time.
  3. The BMI can be leveraged to customize and standardize the logic and work flow for acquiring ECG tracings without regard to the brand of ECG device being used.