Mobile ECG Management: 7 Security Questions

Now that ECG management technology has successfully bridged the gap between the testing clinic and the location of the interpreting Cardiologist, we are increasingly getting inquiries about applying that technology to the field of mobile ECG testing. In particular, we are contacted by organizations that are interested in moving, for the first time, to electronic management of ECG tests that are acquired outside the environment of a hospital or clinic.

Information is readily available on portable ECG devices that are designed for mobile testing. Much of this information focuses on the portability of the ECG device, on connectivity options and on the early treatment benefits that can be achieved by mobile ECG testing. However, the questions that we are asked first and most often are the ones that relate to security and confidentiality in mobile ECG management.

Because healthcare providers have less control over a mobile testing environment, protection of ECG data is more challenging. Therefore, any provider who is shopping for a mobile ECG management solution will be very interested in the answers to these seven questions: How do I protect my portable ECG device from being accessed by unauthorized users?

  1. How is the ECG data on my ECG device protected after I acquire it?
  2. What are my options for transmitting the ECG data after it is acquired?
  3. How do you keep the ECG data secure while I am transmitting it for interpretation?
  4. How will I know if the data has been successfully transmitted from my ECG device?
  5. How will I know if the data has been successfully received?
  6. Can I purge the data from my ECG device after transmission is completed?