Measure the health of your ECG business

Measure the health of your business with ECG Management Reports

ECG data management technology can improve the health of your patients by collecting and centralizing information and by making it available in real-time. Problems are identified and treatment plans are implemented without delay.

However, a system with sophisticated management reporting can also yield valuable information for measuring and improving the health of your business.

Content of Management Reports

Obviously, the information that your reports can contain is limited by the information that can be entered into the system. Therefore, when evaluating an ECG management system, review the information that it captures. For instance, if you want to compare the activity level at each of your testing sites, the system must capture the unique location where each test is taken.

Over 50 types of information

TeleMED’s REPORTflo module allows user to select from over 50 types of information and arrange report in a preferred order. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Flexibility in Report Generation

Most ECG management solutions offer standardized activity reports such as:

  • Test count
  • Interpretation count
  • Interpretations outstanding

These questions can be used to identify systems with advanced capabilities:

  • Does your system’s retrieval query engine allow user defined search variables?
  • Can activity reports be generated by Clinician, by testing site, by Cardiologist?
  • Does your software support searches employing a range of dates?
  • Can query response lists be filtered to show only results that the user is authorized to see?
  • Can I build a Quick Link to the reports that I use the most?
  • Can I customize the format by eliminating/adding types of information displayed and by dictating the order in which that information is displayed?
ECG Management Reports can be easily exported

Print and Export TeleMED ECG Management Reports. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Sharing and Analyzing Information

The value of the information in your Reports can be enhanced if it can be easily shared and easily reviewed. Most ECG management systems will support printing or e-mailing of Reports. It is preferable if the Report can be exported to other formats (e.g. – Excel) to facilitate more intense analysis.

In future blogs, we will look at ways to use specific Management Reports, including Exception Reports.