First Year With Shouldice Completed

TeleMED Completes 1st Year With Shouldice

Telemed Diagnostic Management Inc. (TeleMED) recently marked the completion of its first year of providing an ECG solution to Shouldice Hospital, just north of Toronto.

Shouldice is the global leader in hernia repair. Using a unique method, it repairs over 7,000 hernias each year and its 99.5% lifetime success rate for primary inquinal hernias sets the gold standard for medical professionals around the world.

ECG tests are administered to each patient as part of the pre-admission process and as required during the hospital stay. However, because of the specialized nature of the Hospital, there is no Cardiologist on the premises. The deployment of a TeleMED solution gave the Hospital round-the-clock access to cardiology expertise and instant access to the interpretation of a test as soon as it was reviewed by the Cardiologist.

“The addition of Shouldice Hospital as a client marked the entry of TeleMED into the hospital sector,” said Asa Lebel, President of TeleMED. “We had previously stayed away from this sector, but the success of our partnership with this Hospital has demonstrated that there is value that we can bring to small and medium-sized hospitals.”