A Complex Interface Project

Currently, we are in the final stages of a complex interface project. We are interfacing to a proprietary information system (IS), the type of project that we have done many times before. What makes this project different is that we are not interfacing to an IS that belongs to a client; it belongs to a public body that is interfaced to our client’s IS. The TeleMED system receives orders from the Client IS and the TeleMED system sends results to the Client IS.

However, the Client IS has certain limitations that prevents it from receiving the entire ECG Final Report and, therefore, prevents it from sending the entire ECG Final Report to the Public IS. The Public IS does not have these limitations. Therefore, we are interfacing directly to the Public IS to enable a transmission of the entire ECG Final Report directly from the TeleMED system to the Public IS.

The particular challenges that we are facing in this project include the following:

  1. It has been necessary to make changes to the order interface that we have with the Client IS in order to receive data in the format that is required by the Public IS.
  2. We needed to design and engineer new editing functionality in order to enable our system to generate the type of messages that were not required by the Client IS but are required by the Public IS.
  3. We needed to integrate this new editing functionality into an upgraded version of our ViTELflo application that had been developed but had not yet been fully tested or deployed.
  4. The new ViTELflo software has to be successfully tested by our client and must be fully deployed by us.
  5. All of these tasks have required completion within a very challenging set of timelines.

Keep reading here to learn how it turned out.