Successful ECG Interface

A couple of months ago, I wrote our involvement in a complex interface project and told you about some of the challenges we faced because we had to make some very significant customizations to our own application and we had some very tight, “cannot be extended” timelines to work against.

Since then, we completed those customizations and the interface and successfully navigated the User Acceptance Testing phase, all within the prescribed timelines. In mid-November the interface went live without a hitch. Needless to say, both TeleMED and our client were overjoyed and proud of the successful launch of this interface. Hundreds of ECG tests were now streaming daily from our client’s TeleMED solution directly into a provincial Electronic Health Record (EHR), available to patients and health professionals in that province.

Just when we were ready to put this project behind us, our client contacted us with a new customization request. Our client now wanted us to engineer a “block” to identify test results from a certain category of patients and prevent those results from entering the EHR. As a result, we had another customization to engineer, with another tight timeline.

Well, I’m happy to report that the “block” was engineered, tested and went live in mid-December. After almost two months of monitoring the performance of our interface, I am also happy to report that it is performing as intended, day in and day out. Thousands of our client’s patients now have a more complete record in their provincial EHR because it now includes their ECG test results.