QUS Accelerates Digital Strategy

QUS Accelerates Digital Strategy With TeleMED

Quality Underwriting Services (QUS), a leader in the Canadian paramedical sector, has again chosen TeleMED products and services to move towards digital management of its ECG data. In August of last year, QUS placed an order for TeleMED’s mobile ECG testing units and are currently using those units in Alberta. Early this year, QUS followed up with an order for its Manitoba region.

“This order confirms the value of TeleMED’s electronic point-of-care testing solution”, said the company’s President, Asa Lebel. “Our solution offers a number of operational and security advantages over telephonic solutions. Users can view and qualify tracings before transmission. Tracings can be transmitted at any time during any day. We provide paramedics with 24/7 live support. In addition, we provide a secure, compliant environment for acquiring and managing confidential patient data. For all these reasons, we expect our footprint in the paramedical sector to grow significantly during the next year.”