Telemed Adds New Tests To Family Physician Diagnostic Platform

Due to the increased demand for the ability to offer more point of care medical diagnostic tests, by the growing number of doctor’s offices that have adopted TeleMED’s Diagnostic for Doctors data management technology solution, three new test modalities have been added to the popular point-of-care diagnostic platform; Spirometry for COPD and Asthma, Ambulatory Loop and Mobile ECHO.

laptop-heartbeatThese additions are above the already existing tests they offer:

  • ECG
  • Holter (24/48/72)
  • ECG Loop/Event Recorder
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure
  • Home Sleep Testing
  • Resting Blood Pressure
  • Stress ECG

Diagnostics for Doctors provides Family Physicians with an efficient, cost-effective and convenient alternative to the custom of referring patients to other clinics or hospitals for diagnostic testing. It offers Physicians a turnkey solution for testing, interpreting and managing a variety of non-invasive, vital-sign tests.  It is the right solution for you if you and your practice if you want to:

  • Use technology to Improve Patient Quality of care and make your practice more productive and more profitable
  • Build a robust business plan
  • Leverage the size of your Physician Group’s patient roster
  • Increase the output from your existing staff and your existing office space
  • Find an easier way to get test results into your EMR
  • Make diagnostic testing more convenient for your patients

If you are referring your patients to other healthcare providers or a Specialist to have test performed, it’s more complicated than it needs to be. Diagnostics for Doctors automates and streamlines this process into one that is more efficient and meets the needs of both you and your patient. Visit the Diagnostic for Doctors website to learn more about the tests supported by the program and the time and money saving tests solutions it offers.